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I truly enjoy photography.  For me, it is a wonderful blend of creativity and technology.  The camera harnessed with post processing software is an artist's pallet enabling the photographer to share on screen or print what they see. 

As a relatively new photographer, I spend a fair amount of time simply learning technique.   I look forward to transitioning to the next stage, where focus is on creativity.

In some ways, publishing this website is a signal that the transition from technician to creator has begun.

I find myself increasingly thinking about the questions, “Why am I creating this photograph?  What is the focal point?  What am I sharing with others?”

My answers are eclectic.  Seems like sometimes it is color or light or texture or pattern.  Other times, it is life, with all of its drama and happiness.  And there are personal snapshot remembrances, too.

I define my efforts clearly as a work in progress. 


I wonder if I will remain eclectic.  I wonder if I will develop my own style. Time will tell.

Thank you for your interest.  Welcome comment. 

David H. Klein

December, 2022

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